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Announcing erwin Data Modeler 12.5 with the new ER360 collaboration portal

Aug 1, 2023 by Ryan Crochet

Announcing erwin Data Modeler


erwin® Data Modeler 12.5 is now available and provides new collaboration capabilities, integration with the Databricks Unity Catalog and more!


  • Introducing erwin ER360, a visualization and collaboration portal
  • Enterprise data modeling compliance (Workgroup Edition)
  • Enterprise glossary (Workgroup Edition)
  • Bi-directional metadata integration and exchange with erwin Data Intelligence
  • Databricks Unity Catalog Integration

Data management is a team sport. It requires many functional elements of an organization to come together in order to reach the ultimate stages of being able to identify, understand and fully leverage the power of its data. Because of the ability to provide standardization and foundational stability through all these processes, data modeling is a crucial step to success, and erwin® Data Modeler by Quest® is celebrating its 30th birthday by releasing its newest, most collaborative version to date.

erwin Data Modeler 12.5 delivers data modeling governance, data quality and stakeholder collaboration capabilities to drive organizational data maturity and democratization that will assist in aligning technical users with desired business outcomes.

What can you do with erwin Data Modeler 12.5?

In enhancing and extending our award-winning data modeling solution, erwin Data Modeler 12.5 enables Quest customers to:

  • Share data models with key stakeholders and garner their input in the modeling process.
  • Maintain and apply data model quality scores to increase the quality of data sources being designed, deployed and maintained within erwin data models.
  • Align your data modeling environment with development projects in support of DevOps and DataOps practices.
  • Enhance the curation and association of business metadata with data models to further enable semantic integration and understanding.
  • Enable bi-directional sharing and integration of data modeling and data intelligence artifacts.
  • Apply mature data modeling rigor and standards to all the database management system platforms serving the business today and into the future.
  • Increase the capability, productivity and business impact of data modelers across the enterprise.

What value does erwin Data Modeler 12.5 bring to you?

erwin Data Modeler can provide a number of impactful benefits to you including:

  • Increased efficiency and literacy across a variety of stakeholders by providing a single, collaborative environment where data is easier to use and understand.
  • Enhanced documentation, curation and application of governance around data models.
  • Improved overall quality of data sources across the enterprise.
  • Alignment across the organization by development of a shared vocabulary and visual understanding of data models and their relationships.
  • Speed to data literacy and governed data usage to drive the business forward.
  • More accessible viewership of data lineage detail, regardless of the complexity of your data landscape.
  • Reduction in data modeling time and processes through task automation.
  • Expanded integration capabilities with database platform and other technologies.

New Features Highlights

Updated Feature What it Does Why it Matters
erwin ER360 This read-only collaborative platform allows for read-only access to business users for input during the data modelling process
  • Enhanced data quality
  • Alignment with business goals
  • Improved decision making
  • Reduction in redundancy and complexity
  • Scalability and flexibility
Enterprise Modeling Compliance (Workgroup Edition) Rules can be dynamically built, and policies can be applied to data-models to verify compliance
  • Consistent and standardized modeling practices
  • Improved model quality
  • Enhanced documentation
  • Compliance and governance
  • Improved stakeholder communication
  • Continuous improvement
Enterprise Glossary (Workgroup Edition) “Mart-Based” business glossary maps business terms to the objects of catalogues so that the data matches with the vocabularies used in an organization’s projects and departments
  • Improved data understanding
  • Consistency and standardization
  • Data governance and compliance
  • Enhanced data documentation
  • Improved data integrity and interoperability
Bi-Directional Data Model Integration and Exchange with Data Intelligence 2-way communication between erwin Data Modeler and erwin Data Intelligence vs. existing on-way communication
  • Data model and metadata sync
  • Improved data governance
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication
  • Comprehensive data lineage
Support for Databricks Unity Catalog Native connectivity and best-in-class modelling support for Databricks Unity catalog
  • Faster deployment of new data to Databricks
  • Increased data literacy and awareness of data assets managed by Databricks

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