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Erwin® Data Modeler 12.1 by Quest®: Introducing Mart on Cloud — a pure SaaS solution

Jul 1, 2022 by Nikki Medinger

erwin data modeler

Highlights in this blog:

  • erwin Mart on Cloud 12.1
  • Account-based licensing
  • Continued DBMS support, including NoSQL

On the heels of its erwin® Data Modeler 12.1 general availability release on June 7, less than one month later, Quest Software® announces a new offering: erwin Mart on Cloud 12.1. Register to attend our What’s New webinar, hosted by product manager Vani Mishra.

In today’s increasingly demanding business world, businesses are continually struggling with the need to reduce costs, deployment set backs, staffing shortages, right-sizing difficulties, delays in updating products, and keeping maintenance contracts in force.

Quest understands that our consumers need different ways to purchase and use our products. While on-premises products offer many traditional benefits to users, sometimes, a cloud solution can be more advantageous. That’s why, in erwin Data Modeler 12.1, we are pleased to announce erwin Mart on Cloud 12.1, a subscription model for our customers’ convenience.

Mart as a SaaS subscription is available to users with, or interested in, concurrent licensing.

Making Mart available in the cloud enables erwin to offer a subscription service that is a pure SaaS solution, meaning, Quest Software will build and service each individual solution in the cloud, ensuring customer data is secure and private. Mart as a SaaS solution is based on single-tenant architecture.

“Mart in the cloud is a giant step forward for erwin and our customers. Now, the worries that accompany on-premises software — like staffing, scalability, deployment and updates — are being transferred from our customers to us. From the customer’s perspective, once erwin Data Modeler 12.1 is installed on-premises, setting up Mart in the cloud will be as easy as clicking on a secure, custom link,” said Bharath Vasudevan, Vice President of Product, Quest Software.

“Always being on the latest version, not having to staff engineers to install and maintain updated versions, being able to use what you need when you need it and always having access to tech support—these convenience features save our customers time and money,” Vasudevan concluded.

How does erwin Mart on Cloud 12.1 benefit you?

  • Lower initial costs with easier to manage subscription fees and reduced hardware costs
  • Faster deployment with no need to worry about installing physical hardware
  • Services that are scalable to suit the growth of your business, so you only pay for what you need
  • Automatic updates, that ensure the right version of software is upgraded when it’s available
  • No need to worry about technical support, maintenance, hosting and licensing as it’s all included within the service

erwin Data Modeler: eliminate complexity and accelerate collaboration.

In erwin Data Modeler 12.1 we also are introducing account-based licensing.

How does account-based licensing benefit you?

Currently, available only to customers with concurrent licensing, the end-user portal (EUP) can be managed by the customers’ designated master administrator and who will be able to create different groups and assign different users to those groups, as well as generate license consumption reports. Customers will enjoy their new-found freedom, no longer needing to contact and rely on erwin support to make changes.

Support for multiple DBMSs, including NoSQL — empowering IT and business stakeholders

erwin Data Modeler continues to deliver capabilities that empower IT and business stakeholders in the design and definition of new data sources, including:

  • Support for traditional and emerging database platforms, including 11 NoSQL DBMSs
  • Round-trip engineering for recently added DBMSs and formats such as Databricks, Neo4j, ArangoDB, Parquet, DynamoDB, Amazon Keyspaces, and Google Big Query
  • Guided de-normalization options to accelerate the migration and transformation of database schema between relational and document designs
  • Enhanced administration capabilities to simplify and accelerate data model access, collaboration, governance and reuse with DevOps processes using the new GitHub integration via Mart
  • New automation, connectivity, UI and workflow optimization to enhance data modeler productivity and reduce onerous manual tasks.

erwin Data Modeler 12.1 provides customers with a holistic, integrated and well-governed data modeling capability for all their enterprise database analysis, design, documentation and deployment requirements.  In this edition, concurrent license holders can now enjoy the benefits of using Mart in erwin Data Modeler Workgroup Edition as pure SaaS solution. Virtually the same trusted product, but now, with a new way to purchase it that provides even more benefits and convenience features that reduce upfront costs, deployment time, personnel, and risk — with automatic updates and included maintenance.

As always, erwin Data Modeler makes it easy to enable teams to work across DBMS platforms, fully leverage the benefits of modern data modeling techniques in an environment that boosts data modeler productivity and reduces the administrative overhead required to maintain a secure, transparent and collaborative data modeling and database design capability.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What’s the difference between an on-premises solution and a SaaS solution?

A: On-premises solutions are hosted and maintained in-house, by the user. SaaS solutions are hosted and maintained by a third-party provider ­­— in this case Quest Software.

Q: Which is better … on-premises or cloud?

A: It depends on your needs, but generally a SaaS solution is more beneficial due to the many advantages it offers like lower initial costs, faster deployment, scalability, auto updates and access to technical support.

Q: Why would I want to move to a SaaS solution?

A: With recent economic challenges, companies are often looking for ways to save money without sacrificing performance. With the many benefits of a SaaS solution (lower initial costs, faster deployment, scalability, auto updates and access to technical support) companies are discovering an improved way to meet their needs.

Q: What if I don’t want to move to the cloud?

A: erwin Mart on Cloud 12.1 is an option that is available to users with, or interested in, concurrent licensing. The traditional on-premises option is available to all.

Q: How do I access Mart in the cloud?

A: You would still use erwin Data Modeler 12.1 on-premises, but when accessing Mart in the cloud, you would click on a secure, custom link.

Q: Are there plans to discontinue the on-premises solution?

A: No, there are no plans to discontinue the on-premises solution.

Q: If I use erwin Mart on Cloud 12.1, how do I know my data is safe?

A: erwin Mart on Cloud 12.1 is based on single-tenant architecture. Quest Software will build and service each individual solution in the cloud, ensuring customer data is secure and private. Read more here.

Q: How do I find out more information about this release?

A: More information can be found here. For more information, please request pricing and an expert will contact you.

Q: Can I get a free trial?

A: Yes, you can get a free trial of the on-premises version of erwin Data Modeler 12.1.

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