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Introducing erwin Data Marketplace – Democratize Data

Jun 14, 2023 by Monique Devine

Introducing erwin Data Marketplace - Democratize Data

Data democratization is a hot topic, but what does it mean? And more importantly, how can you successfully democratize data?

Quest’s own Danny Sandwell, senior solutions manager for data intelligence solutions, defined data democratization in this 2021 erwin by Quest blog on data democratization from an IT perspective as “giving business users access to data so they can quickly make business decisions with it.”

The focus of data democratization has traditionally been on closing the delivery gap between IT and business users specifically while keeping data protected in that context. But as data has proliferated every aspect of our enterprises, we now recognize that virtually every role in every business is now a data user.

As such, we need to evolve our focus on data democratization to not only begin to treat data as a product within our organizations, but to ensure high-value and trusted data is easily discoverable, accessible and understandable for all roles and needs, and by users at all levels of technical expertise across the organization. Continuing to keep data governed and protected is a given.

So, how can erwin by Quest help you move the needle on data democratization?

In case you missed it, last week we announced a brand new offering – erwin Data Marketplace – as part of the latest erwin Data Intelligence 13 release. erwin Data Marketplace provides one central location for all data users across your organization – no matter their technical expertise – to easily shop, share and compare enterprise data.

These new capabilities will make it easier for all users across your organization to discover and access governed, high-value data that best fits their immediate needs. With it, you can also begin to seed a data culture you can count on to grow.

What are some of the key capabilities within erwin Data Marketplace that support data democratization?

Consumer-like online shopping experience: By providing capabilities similar to the personal online shopping done routinely by all of us, erwin Data Marketplace can enable data users of all technical expertise levels to easily find, analyze, compare and request access to the best-fitting dataset or AI model for their need.

Automated data value scoring: Leveraging data quality scores, user ratings and data completion metrics, automated data value scoring sorts available data into visible gold, silver and bronze data tiers steering data users more quickly to high-value, trusted data and raising confidence levels in putting data to use.

Social ratings and reviews and other collaborative tools: All data users can share their ratings, knowledge and opinions on the datasets and AI models housed in erwin Data Marketplace to guide other users to valuable data faster or warn of potential data issues. Built-in task and chat capabilities also encourage discussion and collaboration with other users as they shop.

Related data intelligence: Data literacy and productivity are increased and help ensure users put the data to good use with the help of readily available supporting business context, governance guidance, semantic mind maps, data quality details, data lineage and more.

Simplified, but governed data access: Built-in task and workflow capabilities make it easy for users to request access to data and accelerate the approval process while data owners have a full audit trail of request reviews and approvals or denials to ensure proper governance processes and compliance is maintained.

Find out more about erwin Data Marketplace

We’re very excited to about the opportunity for erwin Data Marketplace to begin helping erwin Data Intelligence customers further extend the visibility and accessibility of high-value, trusted data across their organizations. You can learn more about erwin Data Marketplace by watching this 90-second video, visiting our product page or, better yet, register to join us on June 21 for the Driving Data Democratization with erwin Data Marketplace webcast.

Viva data democratization!