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Quest EMPOWER: Take a Sneak Peek of Virtual Day One

Sep 20, 2022 by Monique Devine

Quest EMPOWER 2022

Quest® EMPOWER kicks off November 1, 2022 and is our free, two-day online summit designed to inspire and provide data veteran perspectives that will help you move your organization’s relationship with data forward.

Day one will be focused on data intelligence and governance

Speakers will cover data intelligence and governance on the first day of the summit. With robust data intelligence and governance in place, organizations can safeguard and guarantee data is utilized responsibly to minimize business risk, as well as ensure it is easily accessible to all who need it to make data-driven decisions and take action.

Hear from industry analysts, experts and customers

Day one will feature presentations from industry experts and experienced data professionals on the initiatives and tactical measures being taken by data-driven enterprises to reap the benefits of data intelligence and governance. Come listen to data veterans in customer organizations as well as data best practices experts from IDC, Global Data Strategy, Ltd. and more.

Learn how to maximize the business impact of your data

Discover how IT, data governance teams, and business users benefit from data intelligence initiatives through automated data cataloging, data quality, data literacy, and self-service data preparation. You’ll come away prepared to assess the existing state of your organization and determine where your efforts can maximize the business impact of your organization’s data.

Take a sneak peek at a few of the day one sessions

Let’s take a look at some of the great data intelligence and governance topics and speakers we have planned for day one of Quest EMPOWER 2022.

The Real World Value of Data Intelligence – A Look Inside Data Management

In this session, you will hear first-hand from Ivo Kuijlaars, Data Architecture Lead at Enexis Groep, a Netherlands-based energy supplier. He will share why and how their organization started their journey as a user of erwin Data Intelligence by Quest and the practical use cases they continue to discover for data intelligence software across the organization. Learn how Enexis uses erwin Data Intelligence with Snowflake, Power BI, SAP Hana and more to deliver data landscape visibility and new data management and data governance efficiencies.

The Importance of Data Intelligence to the Data-Driven Business

This session will be presented by Donna Burbank, managing director of Global Data Strategy, Ltd and a recognized industry expert in information management with over 25 years of experience in data management and enterprise architecture. Donna will discuss how data-driven success necessitates a level of “data intelligence” throughout an organization. She will describe how it blends people, process, and technology with a combination of data architecture, data governance, and data literacy. Donna will simplify the complexities of data intelligence and provide specific recommendations based on actual global deployments.

Building Data Trust through Data Quality, Literacy and Governance

Join Stewart Bond, VP of Data Intelligence and Integration Software at IDC, to learn from recent IDC research conducted to better pinpoint the needs and expectations of business stakeholders and current stakeholder assessments of the state and availability of data intelligence. Stewart is a leading data industry analyst who is often in touch with both the real-world data practitioners who drive data intelligence efforts and the software companies that help them. This gives him a unique perspective that can help you come up with more effective, useful strategies now and in the future.

Explore the full day one agenda for Quest EMPOWER 2022

Expect to leave Quest EMPOWER 2022 with new strategies and best practices to better tackle data intelligence and governance initiatives within your organization. Gain new ideas to help you develop and move from strategic planning to realizing value. Explore the full Quest EMPOWER agenda today and register to join us to learn new ways to maximize the business impact of your data.